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Premium Sound for Hip-Hop and Pop Artists




The refinement of your project.


Our mastering will give your song the final volume and shine it needs to play at the top and sound optimal on any system!


Mixing is the most crucial step in song production to get a final fat and crisp sound and to make your visions for a song come true.

With our service you will achieve exactly this goal.

By using precise techniques and high-end software, we give your project the final sound



Parallel Lines

About Us

Founded in 2023 by Daniel Fernandez, Lucid Art Studios specializes in hip-hop &  pop genre. Through his own experience as an artist, he is very familiar with the industry and can speak from practical experience when it comes to marketing your music. 

Good communication is the most important thing if you want to satisfy your customers and that's exactly what we aim for. 

The most important thing is your music and that's what we're here for.

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